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Twin Size Children’s Floor Bed


This is a digital DIY plan. Please note that there is no physical shipping of any materials. You would have to buy materials separately to build this project.

The PDF download includes:

  • Easy to read, step by step instructions
  • Cut list
  • Material list
  • Tools list
  • 3D diagrams


Why have a children's floor bed?

Firstly, low beds are an amazing way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early stages of development of your child. When the bed is low to the ground the toddler can develop independence and autonomy to be able to leave the bed when they need to. As a result, toddlers are able to regulate their sleep schedule according to their bodies needs.

Furthermore, the bed can also help fosters the basic skills needed for a healthy relationship with sleep. Toddlers also develop special awareness and learning about physical boundaries all while staying safe thanks to the beds low height.

Because children are prone to accidents as they grow and develop, the frame of the bed helps to lift the mattress of the floor to prevent growth of mildew. With this bed, children are free to interact with their environment and surroundings at their own pace. This makes the home their first learning environment.

Why have railing and a door around the bed?

Firstly, the railing around the bed prevents babies from rolling off the bed in their sleep. The 22.5 inch bed height is low enough for toddlers to be able to climb in and out of the bed safely even when they choose not to use the side door. This allows children to have autonomy to play when they want to and to put themselves to bed when they are tired. Furthermore, the thin railing allows for the child to have an unobstructed view of the entire room. As a result, the bed design prepares them mentally to engaged and explore the environment when they are prepared to do so freely.

This bed encourages visually appealing elements to be hung up in the line of site of children, while in bed to further development. Items such as mobiles, pictures, and art can be placed around the bed and not be obstructed by large bed headboards and baseboards.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry that you son or daughter is chewing on the crib and getting toxic paint in their system or that they are rolling and falling out of bed at night.

How is this bed made?

This floor bed frame is made from durable Douglas fir wood. This is a inexpensive and quality wood that can be purchased from most hardware stores. Additionally, the wood is soft enough to be safe and firm enough to support both the mattress, parent, and baby.

This floor bed has an entrance on the left side. The child will sleep on the right side with the feet by the entrance.

Home is the best space for children to begin developing and understanding themselves. The floor bed can help turn the child’s bedroom into a learning environment.


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