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Bar Stool


This is a digital DIY plan. Please note that there is no physical shipping of any materials. You would have to buy materials separately to build this project.

The PDF download includes:

  • Easy to read, step by step instructions
  • Cut list
  • Material list
  • Tools list
  • 3D diagrams
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What makes this DIY bar stool design special?

This build is defiantly one that I am excited about and had a great time working on. These barstools are pretty and stylish, and it’s my pleasure to share the plans with you! First, the barstools are a great addition to the outdoor bar and the dining table and chair set (plans available in the “Outdoor” section). Each piece works well together to give an overall cohesive and natural flow to the outdoor entertaining area. Next, when designing the low back bar stool used the same backrest and seating board spacing as for the dining chairs in this set. The slats are also part of the bar and table design. These not only allow for rainwater to drain but also provide a unifying factor to the set.

Specifications of the DIY barstool.

I have seen many DIY plans for barstools with sleight legs. This may work great for some, but for some it may be unsafe. The legs of this wooden bar stool are at a slight 5-degree angle to ensure safety. The higher the chair, the morse possibility of it toppling over. This design decreased the chance of a child, or unsteady adult falling from such a height, making your bar area safer. Unlike my other counter-height, and standard height dining chairs, the barstool chairs seating platform is horizontal and laveered with the ground. This is to ensure a more comfortable sitting experience. A person sitting can easily get on and off the chair without sinking into the chair. One can sit while maintaining the bodies center of gravity directly underneath them without shifting it back. These bar stools can be even more inviting and comfy if you throw on some seating pads. The seating platform is about 18 inches x 19 inches. The seating pad doesn’t need to be that exact size.

The DIY bar stools indoors?

Lots of homes these days incorporate natural wood into their kitchen and dining areas. These would look great with white décor and a simple and cozy color pallet. Depending on your design preferences, these barstools can look both modern/minimalistic or warm, relaxing, and have that farmhouse charm so many incorporate into their homes. I feel like these DIY bar stools can work great indoors as well as outdoor. Because barstools can be expensive, If you have a kitchen island, or a counter that is bar height, you might want to consider building DIY bar stools instead of buying. Even though this barstool design looks like a million bucks, the materials used in this build are cheap and readily available.

Who can build these barstools?

I would recommend this DIY project for any beginner to woodworking. The angles, cuts, joints, and materials used are simple and easy to implement. I purposefully try to make my plans easy and my step-by-step instructions simple to follow so that anyone who is willing to try can build a beautiful, affordable, and relaxing backyard, patio, kitchen, and deck entertaining spaces. Beginners to woodworking don’t have to experiment or go through trial and error before making a chair. The plans include measurements, diagrams, material list, tool list, and more to ensure a proper, quick, and simple build.

What about the other furniture pieces I see in the pictures?

Plans for the table and chairs as well as the outdoor bar can be found in the “Outdoor" section of our shop. 


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