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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Are your plans printable?

Yes! All plans are printable. You can print the plans or save them as a PDF file. 

Can I share plans with friends?

Our plans are for personal use only. The distribution of the plans is strictly forbidden. If you do that, you would be liable under the copyright infringement law. If you want to share the plans with your friends, please share the link to our website and not the plans themselves.

When are new plans posted on the site?

We try to post new plans on a weekly basis. 

How much will your projects cost to build?

Price of the materials differ according to your location. In addition, there are many considerations when building projects, starting with the type of lumber your are going to use (construction, pressure treated, softwood, hardwood, exotic wood, etc.) and up to the extras you choose to install. The easiest way to determine a rough estimate is to use our Materials List.

Do I need expensive tools or heavy equipment?

No! You can build most of our projects with few tools: miter saw, circular saw, drill, impact driver, sander, and Kreg jig. You’ll also need tape measure, speed square, pencil, safety glasses and ear protection.

Are your plans stamped?

No. If you need stamped plans for a building permit, you will have to work with a local engineer.

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